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2013-07-19 01:52 pm


There will be some incoming spam as I transfer some content over from tumblr. Apologies.
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2013-07-19 01:53 pm

SPN Meta: Dean Winchester and PTSD

Dean Winchester and Childhood PTSD: An Examination of Personality Traits Common to Adult Survivors of Untreated Childhood PTSD

Warnings: The following warnings apply:

Child abuse
Childhood Trauma
Childhood Poverty
Mental illness

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2013-07-19 02:05 pm

SPN Meta: Dean Winchester and MBTI

Dean's childhood trauma and its effects on his MBTI personality type: aka John Winchester is an ass


Child abuse
Child neglect
Child endangerment

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2013-07-19 02:14 pm

SPN Meta: I want your sex

 I want your sex: the angel edition


Consent issues

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2013-07-19 02:20 pm
Entry tags:

Fic Updates


A Bird in Hand (Destiel, crack, mpreg)
Oscillation (Dean/Aaron, NC17)
The Care and Keeping of Wings (Destiel, crack)
How to Survive the Afterlife: a love story by Dean Winchester (Destiel, crack)


The Borderland State (Will/Hannibal, murder family, extensive warnings)