Date: 2012-02-24 06:09 am (UTC)
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Belated feedback: So I love this, and endings are so frequently disappointing, but this was gorgeous and perfect. Epic warm fuzzies, the sort that bloom in your chest like after a bit of good whisky.

And belated feedback is belated because I was trying to figure out some way to say that this and AIG made me want to be a better person without saying "It made me want to be a better person", because, honestly, who says that, but no. It did. Actually, "It made me want to be better" is probably more accurate. I was in a poor state when I found AIG, and I identified so much with aspects of both of them that -- what are words. Erm. It was good, and inspired me to get a new psychiatrist after saying I was going to for years. (So I haven't actually called yet, but I have a number - that's progress!) And also it was a bit of a pleasant kick in the pants, in a way, like an invitation to stop trudging along with my head down. Apologies, because all that's probably TMI, and I'm a bit mortified to be Talking About My Feelings in relation to fic, so I'm rambling. Right. Point: I wanted you to know you struck some profoundly human chords in there amongst all the porn. And that you and Arthur Conan Doyle have been the only two authors to affect me in such a way during such a period. So, thank you. <3

And now I'm going to go die of embarrassment, brb.

But! First! So I have been drawing Charles bent over for weeks now, and it's all because I'm trying to work out sink-bumming poses. I still have the green tile pic. Is this or this rather like what you were imagining for the sink area?
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