Date: 2012-02-24 01:36 pm (UTC)
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I have no idea what to say. I am touched to learn that my story has impacted you in such a profound way. As an author, you always hope to strike a chord with your readers, but very rarely do you manage something so profound. This alone makes having written this worthwhile. And on a person note, I want to say that getting into regular therapy with a therapist I trusted was the best thing I ever did for myself. It wasn't easy, and it still sometimes isn't, but it has impacted my life in profound ways, all for the better. I actually recommend therapy to everyone, because our lives (particularly in this modern go, go world) are not conducive to good mental health, and we are so much what goes on in our heads.

I'm also blushing furiously to have been included alongside ACD. I'm not sure I'm worthy.

I should also take this moment to tell you how profound an impact your art has made on me. In addition to being one of the first people to make me fanart, you also have this way of capturing Charles and Erik that has rather redefined the characters for me. (I'm actually having a hard time writing Charles these days without picturing him in frilly underwear--ha!) I also think it's something in the way you draw eyes/facial expressions, conveying so much emotion it leaps from the page (or screen as the case may be). So know that your art strikes a chord as well, which I suspect is the goal of the artist as well.

::hugs:: Also, if you ever want to chat, I'm nekosmuse at Feel free to contact me.

As for the sink, the first one is what I was picturing (and how odd that that bathroom is tiled EXACTLY like mine. Even the floor is the same).
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