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Title: The Waste Land
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: Hard R
Length: 76K

Summary: The White Queen and her Shadow King sit on their throne, safe behind the psionic shields of the Walled City. The armies of Genosha batter uselessly at the gates, a war locked in stalemate. Magneto, camped in the frozen mud, receives word the Citadel intends to send a telepath to the front lines. The same telepath he met two years ago, who sat across a carved wooden chess set and offered Magneto the first friendly smile in a lifetime. The same telepath who still haunts his dreams.

Warnings: This story contains darker themes including dystopian politics, genocide, mind-rape, captivity, psychological trauma, suggestions of non con (without actual acts), suicidal ideation, violence, torture and gore. It can be at times explicit.

This is an alternate universe, alternate history, comics-XMFC fusion with science fiction/fantasy elements.

Thanks: This story would suck were it not for Pookaseraph and Afrocurl, who worked tirelessly to help shape this into something fit for human consumption. I can’t thank them enough.

The Waste Land

from TurtleTotem

Date: 2012-06-21 01:18 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm sad that this isn't posted on DW directly. My work computer (where I do most of my fic reading) blocks AO3, and even Livejournal, but DW is go for takeoff. For some reason.

from TurtleTotem

Date: 2012-06-22 09:56 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

THANK YOU, WOW! I was really just sorta being whiny and didn't expect anything to come of it, and instead THIS! So many thank yous!

Re: from TurtleTotem

Date: 2012-07-21 03:36 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well, I finally worked my way through it! I loved the whole idea of the ghost!Schmidt Erik was carrying around, especially since it turned out *not* to be an indicator that he was sincerely crazy. Guh, the simmering UST with him and Charles! I'm surprised neither of them actually died of it. You seem to kind of like bringing in Charles's baldness - I find it completely impossible to picture, my brain just can't wrap itself around a hairless James McAvoy - but I still like the idea of Erik petting Charles's regrowing head-fuzz. :)

You built such an unusual and intriguing world here and brought in so many characters, and it really worked out well. Thank you again for making it so conveniently available for me!


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